About Us

Welcome to Vaporliquid.ca, manufacturer & distributor of ‘World Famous’ vapor liquid. Vaping changed our lives, and propelled us on a mission to make the best online vapor liquid experience in the world.

We are a dedicated team and family of vapor activists, enthusiasts & mixing experts based in Montreal, QC. We helped develop the landmark ‘Regulatory Framework for Vaping’ with the Government of Canada. We started selling our products locally in 2014 because we could not find any high-end flavors that were easy to purchase at the time. In 2015, we began to offer exclusive limited edition products online.

Our flavors are critically acclaimed worldwide and we constantly strive to provide our amazing customers with ‘World Famous’ quality, innovation and customer service. Join us on our journey to make vaping easily accessible for every adult.

All of our products are custom tailored to create an unforgettable experience for you.

Our passion for flavor is what makes us ‘World Famous’.

– Vaporliquid.ca